Ireland's Journey

    Ireland is a fun loving, big hearted girl, who has Autism. She is non-verbal, so when she first met Lauren, she did not speak or communicate at all. She couldn’t tell you if she was hungry, scared, tired, or even in pain. Lauren had her work really “cut out for her”. Ireland would constantly become frustrated with therapy and have meltdowns. Lauren had the patience and understanding to work with her disability and teach Ireland language skills so she could communicate. She also started Ireland on electronic communication through a speech device. Today, thanks to Lauren’s hard work, Ireland can now let us know what she needs and wants through both verbal and electronic means. We feel truly blessed to have had Lauren as our daughter’s therapist. We hope you are lucky enough to be able to have her as your child’s Therapist.

-Scott and Susan Oswald - Easley, SC



Diego was born on May 28th of 2009, and few days later he was diagnosed with PRS (Pierre Robin Sequence). At the age of 14 months he was diagnosed with Autism. These two diagnoses combined caused Diego to have trouble with feeding, in particular with tolerating textures. Around the age of 10 months, he started speech therapy with Lauren. He couldn't tolerate anything in his mouth, but with her patience and dedication she helped him tolerate more and more textures. She used instruments like, chewy tubes, and a baby toothbrush, that gave him massages to his palate and gums. Then, she introduced Diego to baby foods, such as baby puffs, rice, avocado and many more things. Nowadays, Diego eats anything and everything and we are only focusing on his speech. Lauren started working with picture symbol cards to make his first communication exchange with pictures and now we are using an augmentative-alternative communication (AAC) device that speaks when he touches the keys. She showed us how to manage his communicative needs. We will always be grateful to her for what she did for Diego.

-Chris and Yanelli Popa - Central, SC