Lauren L Harrell, MS, CCC-SLP

Lauren is an Alabama native who has called Greenville home since 2008. She is now planted and growing with her family of four.


“Years ago I realized my strong desire to help others. I pursued speech pathology through college and grad school and then fueled that passion into what is now my career. That intense desire to help is the basis of all I do in this job I love!

I spent one year in the Greenville County School System before beginning to work for Greenville Health System in Easley. It was there that my love for feeding therapy and dysphagia grew from treating infant issues often arising in NICU to children transitioning from g-tube dependency and the related oral-sensory and behavioral issues that often co-occur. In addition to feeding therapy, I have a love for Autism and implementing picture symbol communication, voice output AAC, and visual schedules. I have also built good experience with phonological and articulation disorders, language disorders, fluency disorder, and social/pragmatic issues. I am attuned to many speech-language issues that directly relate to reading difficulties such as dyslexia and I will assist with treating those and getting the extra help that is needed.

I strive to incorporate sensory input and/or movement into my sessions as it is known that children will learn and perform optimally when these needs are met.

I have found speech and feeding therapy to be greatly rewarding. I have a job where celebrating successes, small and large, happens on the regular! I have had the pleasure of helping children eat or drink independently for the first time. I have witnessed the pride a child and their parent show when he or she is able to speak in a way they couldn’t before. I have assisted children with Autism make their first communicative exchange with a parent. These moments mean the world to me and I look forward to helping your child achieve his or her own moments!” -Lauren